Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Website Launch Giveaway!

Well the day has arrived!  Today the new website launches, hopefully with no glitches!! So excited!!

On the new site you will be able to find 4 shops - one for each of my collections and this is a first as some of my aluminium has been available online before, however, my silver and copper have not, so I hope you'll all find something you like.  Make sure that you tell your friends and drop heavy hints to those who might be buying for you!

To celebrate the launch I will be giving away this choker pendant from the Looking Through Stained Glass Windows collection.  It is a beautiful colour.
What do you have to do to enter the draw for this piece?  I'd like you to tell me the size of my Enchanted Forest pendant, so start searching the website and post your comments on here and I will make the draw on Monday 5th September.  Competition will close at 7pm and I will make the draw at 8pm.

Looking Through Stained Glass Windows

I am hoping to introduce a forum element to the site where a weekly topic can be discussed too which hopefully will make it interesting to all.  I really would welcome any feedback which you can leave on the Contact page. Are there any features missing that you would like to see included? Can't promise but will certainly try to include any suggestions!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank David Muddyman for all his hair-tearing hard work on adding the graphics to the site, he's lovely!! He's had a really great week too, with a gallery in Penzance taking 10 of his paintings in one fell swoop!!! Yay!!!

In other news I cried yesterday, seeing my beautiful daughter in her wedding dress at the fitting - yep - proud Mum!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Challenges, Changes and Cherry Cheesecake!

Phew - well last week's blog was an exciting time! I had some lovely comments from people entering the competition, a few new followers and you seemed to enjoy the challenge of searching through for the name of the collection that features on my background and you all got it right!

So challenges and changes are my theme for this week's blog.

My greatest challenge at the moment is that I still can't make my jewellery although my shoulder is finally beginning to improve, so hopefully the day won't be too far away! Luckily I was aware that I wouldn't be able to make anything for some time so I stockpiled before I had surgery and I can confirm that I will be launching my new website with a new aluminium collection or two. Just wait until you see mouthwatering Cherry Cheesecake and Surf's Up!

Cherry Cheesecake - but what is it?

That was a neat little link there to the changes ahead on the new website and the challenges it's bought me (and my husband!).  It was supposed to be so simple, but inevitably, it wasn't!  You can, however, expect on the new site to see a shop for each of my collections, Waves, Impressions, Colour & Texture and Aluminium. I'm also hoping to get a forum going with a different subject for discussion each week if possible but we'll wait and see how good the take up is on that.

The other challenge I've had this week is finding another artist to collaborate with.  I'm looking for designers who produce something out of the ordinary and I have emailed a couple of people whose designs are stunning and totally different from anything else I've ever seen.  I really hope I hear back from them soon, however, I shall carry on looking anyway and if anyone has a suggestion I will gladly take a look and see if it fits in with my own work.

So, hopefully before my next blog we shall be up and running on the new site and may be able to celebrate the launch in some way - another competition do you think?

Monday, 22 August 2011

And the winner is.......

The winner of the giveaway is Agnes Whyteman!!!!

Thank you all for taking part and your very kind comments about my jewellery - if I can help anyone out with something special sometime - you know where to come!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's A Giveaway!

Hello folks, hope you all enjoyed looking at Corinne Carr's knitwear last week and if you're ever down near St Ives do go and visit Gallery Latitude 50.  It's in a stunning location with great views and they serve lovely coffee and cakes! mmmmmmmmm.........cake......

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes this week has felt a little bit intense, well a lot intense actually!  I've had my nose firmly glued to my laptop as I work on revamping my website with a new shopping facility, didn't realise that I had so much stock!!  I spent two hours patiently adding items, clicked and it disappeared!! I nearly cried, but somehow it was all okay, don't know what I did to lose it or even to get it back!! Hoping to relaunch maybe next week, but my existing site is still up and running for anyone wanting to buy.

Monday and Tuesday were also pretty intense days as I waited for the results of my daughter's degree.  She already has one degree but has been studying whilst working to be a Dispensing Optician and she passed with flying colours whilst arranging her forthcoming wedding in a months time.  Just call her Superwoman!

Anyway, on to another exciting thing!  This week I have decided to give away a pendant.  It's from my Fiery Sunsets And Jet Trails Collection (I know they're crazy names, but I name the collections after what they remind me of when they're finished!).  This pendant is a new variation for me and you could be the very first person to own one.

So would you like to win it? If you do win it there are matching cuffs on the website.

All you have to do is tell me the name of the collection that I use as the tiled background for my blog.


You may need to look back through but the answer's there somewhere! You could also check my website

Post your answers in the comments box and I'll pick a name out of the hat on Monday 22nd at 8pm.

Last night I went to watch the second evening of the Plymouth Fireworks Championships.  Three companies each evening stage mega displays to find an overall champion each year.  It's free and it's amazing.  The fireworks are set off on an embankment so are reflected in the sea.  We watched the first night from the bedroom - not quite the same but ok. Well worth a visit next year!

Well I'm off to search out another interviewee for another collaborative blog.  It's nice finding out what inspires other people!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Colour & Texture Collaboration 2

I would just like to open this week's blog with a word of thanks to our emergency services and police for their stirling work, a hearfelt saddness for lives and livelihoods lost, deep thanks for the social media's tea and broom gangs cleaning up and a profound hope that we can turn all of this horror around.

When I came up with the idea of a collaborative blog featuring the work of artists I admire, I wasn't sure whether it would work or not, but I hoped that it would at least bring those people together in a common cause. I'm pleased to say that this week I have another fabulous knitwear designer's work to share with you.  I first came across Corinne Carr's designs at Gallery Latitude 50 when I was on honeymoon in St Ives in June and was instantly drawn to the colours and textures she uses.  I asked her about her inspiration.

1. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration for a new design usually comes from wanting something different to wear, going into shops and not finding it. I find that is the trigger for a new shape. People will say, 'Oh I really like that jumper/jacket/cardigan' and it will become part of my collection. Then in terms of colourways, I draw a lot of inspiration from the Cornish countryside. My studio windows overlook the moors of Zennor and I find that the changing colours of the seasons filters through to my knitwear.

2. Is there a craft medium that you've always had a hankering to try your hand at?

I'd always wanted to do printmaking and finally a few years ago I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow a printing press and experiment. I fell in love with the process - the alchemy of it. Of course, you have control when you put the ink on the paper and place in on the press, but then there is a magical moment when the print is free from the pressure of the press and the final image emerges. That transformation that takes place beyond your gaze - beyond your control - is the fascinating part. Unfortunately, with the gallery and my knitwear business growing so much over the past few years, I haven't been able to return to printmaking and develop further. But I have every intention of doing so as soon as I have the time. I have not ruled out trying my hand at painting either!

3. If you could see one famous person wearing your designs, who would it be?

I can think of a few (if I'm allowed)

Ines de la Fressange because she is the epitome of French style and makes everything she wears look absolutely fabulous.

Camila Batmanghelidgh because she loves colour as much as I do and because she is such an inspiration with the work she does for children and I admire her greatly.

And maybe Annie Lennox because she is so stylish and she sang songs I danced to when I was just starting out in design. And because my aubergine 'Feather' cardigan would look amazing with her platinum hair!

. Where can fans buy your work?

My full collection can be found year round at my studio gallery Latitude 50 just outside St Ives and knitwear can be ordered online at In Cornwall and the Scillies: Gallery Tresco, Trelowarren Gallery; Trellisick Gallery; Guild of Ten Truro; The Round House Gallery Sennen; The Square Gallery, St Mawes; Wave 7 Gallery, Port Isaac; Mid Cornwall Galleries, Par; UK wide: The National Trust Cotehele Gallery, St Dominc; Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge; Blue Duck Gallery, Reading; Blue Ginger Gallery, Malvern.

I'll also be exhibiting at these national craft fairs for the first time this year: The Cornwall Design Fair, Trereife House later this month, Made11 Brighton in November and Made by Hand Wales in Newport in December.

 I'm sure that you will agree with me, that Corinne Carr's work is stunning.  Walking into her gallery is like looking at an open packet of Fruit Pastilles - your mouth literally waters at the array of coloured cones of wool lining her work area! Make sure that you visit the gallery at or check out and start writing that Christmas list.

I asked Corinne to think about autumn colours and I love what she's supplied.  I think that her designs would work really well with some of my own pieces.
The collection on the left is called Stained Fingers from Blackberry Picking and the collection of the right is called Nighttime Reflections in Inky Water.  Both collections are available from my website at


I've also included a few images of some other pieces which are available from me on request.

This wide cuff is from the Andromeda range and is £39.00 It is approximately 5cm wide.

The choker pendant on the right is also from the Andromeda collection and is £29.00.
I hope that you've enjoyed my blog and that you will add Corinne Carr and Mhairi Wild to your list of 'must haves' (and me too if you like my designs!!)  I shall now toddle off and ferret out another top designer to share with you in the not too distant future.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Gifts and Friends

Well hello again! I hope you're enjoying my ramblings because I'm really enjoying doing them.

I hope you all visited Mhairi Wild's website following last week's blog and have made out your wishlists for xmas!  I had a lovely surprise the other morning when I had a parcel from Perth.  It really was like Christmas as I opened it.  There was a layer of hand dyed silk and inside was a stunningly beautiful skinny scarf from her new range in colours that had been scraped straight off a Scottish glen.  See what I mean? Apparently I'm the first person to own one and I'm very honoured. 
If you would like to own any of Mhairi's accessories then she informs me that Concrete Wardrobe, Edinburgh on 0131 558 7130 will be happy to help you or you can contact

So what I have been doing this week?  Spending far too much time on my laptop if truth be told, but it's allowed because my shoulder is still healing and I can't drive or work yet.  I feel that my time has been productive (if you don't count the internet shopping!!) and I now have very active Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I can also now be found on UK Handmade.

The more time I've spent on social networking the more I've realised what a great community we have in the crafting world. Facebook is great for keeping up to date with friends, especially my closest friend who happens to live in France (she's my French agent!!) and Twitter has allowed me to make a whole host of new friends whom I chat to on a daily basis (you know who you are girls!!). Becoming a member of UK Handmade is another level of professional networking as I immediately realised that there were local groups of like-minded people, some living in the same city as me. Old friends that I've yet to meet.  I've certainly met some really lovely helpful people through my laptop and phone who are committed to their craft/art and to sharing it with others.

Whilst trundling through the virtual world I've also been looking for my next blog victim!! Seriously I'm looking for my next interviewee who's work really appeals to me.  I have a couple of people in mind so watch this space.  So far I have spotted a dress designer, a knitwear designer, a milliner and some others so I will put the feelers out.  Do you like the idea of me featuring, interview style, another artist on the blog every now and then?  I would love to know what you think so please feel free to leave me a comment below.

I thought I might show you some of my silver jewellery.
These are some of my reticulated sterling silver pendants in my Ghost Daisy range. They are hallmarked and are available to buy.  They are supplied wrapped in tissue and in my black gift bags. Please contact me on

I'd also like to end my blog this week by putting some beautiful artwork on my page.  Our house is full of paintings so I thought I would share some with you.  They are the work of my husband David Muddyman who has his own website.