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Sunday, 24 March 2013

I Need Your Help!

Hi all! Well Spring is here.... oh no wait, it's not! There seems to be nothing on anyone's lips but the weather and it's hardly surprising, Easter should bring chocolate not bring two feet of snow!  We've been lucky again, we live on a steep hill and were aware of being battered by winds and rain, but no flooding - indeed, it was only when we saw the water cascading down the steps from the park at the top of the street on the news that we realised how bad it had been. Many people have suffered though.  Here's hoping for Spring to begin soon.

I've not got any making to show you this week as we've been doing the dreaded decorating that we've been putting off!

I've been carrying out a little bit of research lately to try to establish how people search for my jewellery.  I'd really appreciate your help!  Take a look at this picture - if you saw someone wearing something like it and you didn't know it was made by me - what search terms would you use to find it on Google? It would be brilliant if you could leave me a comment with your ideas. Thank you.

Do remember that I posted about BASCA winner Simon Dobson's crowdfunding music project? Well, there's still some time left to help him reach his target. For more information and to find out what Euneirophrenia actually means take a look at Simon Dobson's profile

This is a picture of him taken recently by photographer and member of Hugh's Three Hungry Boys, Tim Cresswell.  Isn't it a fabulous photograph? It would be wonderful if you could help this album to be made.  Thank you.

If you live in or around the Plymouth area I will be at the Tavi Arts Market in Bedford Square, Tavistock on the 6th April and at Crocadon Producer's Fair, St. Mellion on the 20th April so why not come and see me and help me try out my nice new shiny card machine!

So wherever you are, whether you've been plagued by snow or floods, I really hope you have a happy and peaceful Easter with lots and lots of choccy!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Inspirations and Giveaway

Hello folks!

Well, isn't it cold and dark? It feels as if it should be at least 5pm and that I should be drawing the curtains when it's really only lunchtime - what's going on? Can't wait for the Spring! Carry on reading for news of my Giveaway to make us all feel less wintery!

So what I have I been up to, apart from doing my accounts and filing my tax return - lots of admin stuff, that's what.  Been replying to lots of emails etc. and I started physio for my finger.  Think it's going to be a long haul to get back to where I was before the fall, but hopefully I'll be able to do light work soonish.  My new designs are all there in my head and some on paper looking like they were drawn by a two year old on an off day, but it's a start!

In the absence of hands-on making, I thought I'd talk about the things that I find inspire me.

1. Shade Cards
Am I the only person who could positively drool over paint charts? Possibly! Wool shops have a similar effect on me. My husband is an artist and he often makes sample charts of colour mixes so they're always around the house. Thankfully I'm also able to produce Pinterest boards of stuff I like and if you're also a Pinterest fan, feel free to follow my boards - isn't it a great idea? Why not follow me on Pinterest

2. Books
We have a house full of books. I collect jewellery books and my husband collects art books.  The work of Kurt Jackson and Gerhard Richter have inspired several of my dyed aluminium sheets.

3. Paris
I love Paris and the colours and elegance of the buildings (not to mention the patries) always make me want to capture the essence.

4. St. Ives, Cornwall
Possibly my favourite place on earth, beautiful light and stunning scenery with houses tightly packed and clinging to the terrain and golden beach everywhere you look. Fabulous galleries too.  No-one could fail to find inspiration in such a place.

5. Rust, Old Brickwork, Peeling Paint
When I see a texture such as this I grab my phone to take a picture. I'm rarely able to capture the texture exactly but often take elements of it into my next piece.

6. Chocolate
Now obviously this doesn't directly inspire me, but it certainly helps!! 

So what inspires you to be creative?

Tell me your answer coupled with the name of your favourite piece currently on my website in any of the collections and I will chose a winner but don't forget to leave me an email address or way of contacting you! The winner will receive something from a collection which hasn't appeared on my website before so I will tell you no more!! Start browsing SlickSilver Jewellery and good luck!

Closing date Thursday 17th January at 5pm

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Paris, Eyeballs and Courses!

Hello everyone I'm back at the helm!

We've had a wonderful time, visiting my lifelong friends in the Charente region of France, eating far too much fabulous food, making chocolate and then spending an other wonderful week in Paris (eating lovely food and too much chocolate - you've probably got a good picture of me now!!).  We've people-watched whilst sitting at cafes, seen a fleet of tiny dogs in pink tracksuits, seen a happy motorbike riding terrier, seen some eye-popping parking and looked at some amazing art in shop galleries - in all, Paris as we like it.  We've done the touristy stuff before, so this time we hunted out areas not previously visited and found some gems.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont looking towards the Sacre Coeur

I found plenty to inspire me and I will be trying out some new ideas very soon.  I was intrigued by a shop I found that sold absolute weirdness - no other way to put it! You could buy dolls arms and legs of all sizes and eyes of all sizes, old and tattered scrapbook pieces and all kinds of other strange and wonderful things.  I had several items in my hands to buy, but then common sense took over as I contemplated what I could actually do with them! I'm sure that customs would have questioned a suitcase full of eyeballs!

This week represents a week of change for me.  This is my last week at my day job of 17 years.  It would be my dream to sustain myself by making jewellery, but I'm not sure yet if that can happen - anyone want to help me make it happen?  I'm hoping to start teaching some small classes on a variety of subjects.  I have a workshop in mind for card makers and scrapbookers, who I know are always looking for different ways to embellish what they do.  I'd also like to teach some jewellery making for people who want a change from beading, something that can be done with the most basic toolkit (even tools they might find in dad's or OH's sheds!!). I hope to make the courses accessible by visiting groups in their own premises, ie at home for a small group or meeting place (guides, Women's Institutes, etc.), but obviously I can only travel in a relatively small radius of where I live.
So, all change in the SlickSilver household!

Watch this space folks!!