Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bocianelli and Too Many Clothes!

Hello again folks!

Blog time!

Those of you who have read my previous blogs may recall that I wrote about some pretty amazing service I'd received from a supplier - well - the story now continues.  I told you about a company I had found who supply stencils and templates for just about anything from technical drawing and maths through to jewellery requirements.  I'd written to them because I was looking for a particular shape and their response to me was 'send us a drawing and we'll make it for you'.  Well, as you can imagine I was thinking that they'd come back to me with a minimum order, either in cost or quantity, but no I was told that they'd work with my drawings (good luck with that, I thought!) that I'd only need to buy one and that the cost would be the same as all their other templates.  Pretty amazing!!
Anyway an email popped into my inbox from Bocianelli this week and the company had made up four variations of my drawings for me to choose from and simply added them to their range.  I am so impressed with this service so make sure you check them out if you also use templates but can't quite find what you're looking for.  I shall certainly use them again especially as they sent me a lovely little discount voucher with my order.  Here's a link for you http://www.bocianelli.com.

So, what else has been happening this week?

Well, I've attended my first indoor Artist's Market in the Pannier Market in Tavistock.  Now, I've been to the Pannier Market many many times and it's a cavernous old stone building for those of you who don't know it.  It hasn't been very warm of late.......  Off I went early on Sunday morning to start setting up for the day, passed a car on my way with about three inches of snow on it, and waddled into the building.  I say waddled because I was wearing my entire wardrobe, layers and layers of clothes........ it was at this point I found out that my stand was beneath the MASSIVE hot air heater......enough to say I didn't actually need my bodywarmer and coat!  I did, as always, meet some lovely people and at one point heard someone say 'oh look the bangle lady's here'.  If you're from the area around Tavistock, please come and say hello to me on Friday 30th when I will be in Bank Square for the Dickensian Evening until 9ish and I'll be back in the Pannier Market on the 2nd and 16th December, probably wearing slightly less - not that that is a good reason to come and see me!! There are some very talented artists and makers who take part in the Artist's Markets, why  not take a look at their Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/SlickSilverJewellery?ref=hl#!/pages/Bank-Square-Arts-Market/131560983607495?fref=pb

Whilst at Tavistock I revealed my latest collections so I thought I'd let you see a few pictures of pieces that will be appearing on my website soon.

Falling Leaves


Crushed Velvet

Autumn Leaves

That's all my news for this week but remember that these collections will be added to http://www.slicksilverjewellery.co.uk in the next few days so make sure you get yours, after all they are very limited collections. Perfect presents for mums, sisters, wives, girlfriends, friends, nieces, aunties, grandmas, cousins, and of course - yourself!!

Next week I'll blog about how you could come to me and learn how to make something yourself!