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Monday, 18 March 2013

News and What's New

Hi all - I missed you all last week! We had a very busy week at home and I have to say that this week may well be the same as we start decorating! Needs must!! My husband's an artist and our lovely white walls are covered in little splashes of prussian blue, don't get me wrong it's one of my favourite colours, however, thankfully he's on a waiting list now for a studio!

Well in some ways this week has been quite exciting - I've delivered work to one new gallery, Hannah's at Seale Hayne, Newton Abbott, Devon, I'm about to deliver work to another new stockist, Tania Holland in Bridgnorth and there will be news of a brand new gallery who will be stocking my jewellery but a bit more about that next month when they're a little closer to opening their doors, so good news.  On the down side I'm still waiting for my shiny new mobile card machine to arrive....grrrrr. Would have been nice to have had it for Crocadon Producer's Fair last saturday!!

Anyway, I've been making though and have added Brocade collection and Peonies collection to my stock though there has been a lot of interest so they may not be around for long!  What do you think?

Brocade Collection 1
Brocade Collection 2

Peonies Collection
I have a couple more people lined up for Three Beautiful Things so hopefully I'll be able to include another one soon, hope you all enjoyed that feature.

Can I remind you that there's only a few days left to vote for me in the Selected Awards, if you have already, thank you. If not please do take a look, there's loads of categories to vote for and you could be helping someone like me (or me!!) to get a little more recognition for their work. To vote for me just follow this link and click vote at the bottom of the page Val Williams - SlickSilver Jewellery

See you all next week - have a lovely week.