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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Planning and I need your input!

Hello again everyone!  Hope you've all been enjoying the lovely weather - sadly it's not going to be around after tonight but at least we've had a few days of sunshine to make us all feel better!

I feel like I haven't drawn breath since attending the Crafts Council Hothouse Taster Day! I keep waking up at ridiculous hours with ideas and the need to get things down on paper.  As a result it's been a pretty busy week! I've had some interesting meetings and scheduled some more, attended Tavistock Arts Market and generally had a great week, lots of sales and lots of interest. The type of week when I love working for myself, even though I work far longer hours now than I ever have before and it does feel a little bit like I'm spinning plates!

I'm planning a brand new website in the next couple of months so once again, I'd really like your feedback.  When I visit craft fairs I always dress my stand in black as it makes the colours in the aluminium jewellery really stand out and people often comment on how good it looks.  My question is black or white background for the website? Do you find one or the other easier to look at? Let me know what you think!

I'm looking forward to making some jewellery next week - I haven't had chance to make anything this week! I've got a couple of sheets of aluminium already dyed so I will have something to work with.

I can also tell you about a brand new gallery that have opened the doors this week and which has my jewellery on display - go and have a look at Porters of Station Road, Bovey Tracey, Devon if you get the chance.  It's a lovely shop and Ali will give you a warm welcome!

Have you ever thought about taking a short course in texturing/colouring metal or an aluminium taster day? I offer one to one half day courses in a variety of themes or if you prefer full day group courses I will soon be working with a couple of craft centres in Cornwall to deliver that training - do let me know if you'd like me to pass on your details.

Texture and colour on copper

The second and third pictures are examples of copper that has been heat treated in different ways - playing with texture and colour is great fun and the techniques learned can then be incorporated into your own style of working.

I look forward to your comments regarding the new website! Onwards!

Friday, 16 December 2011

My Amazing Present!

Hello folks!

Another very busy week even though I've been on leave from the day job! I've been visiting family 200 miles away to swap presents and visit relatives.  I think I've now posted all my Christmas sales and I really hope that all my customers are pleased on the day.

It's well known that my husband spoils me, however, today he presented me with a un-xmas present that totally blew me away.

This stunning book was created in secret over some weeks and represents samples of my work, past and present. It is beautiful with large glossy pictures.  My husband is familiar with the concept of these books as he's an artist and he produced his first book of paintings last year, following it very recently with a second book, but I had never thought about having one for my own work.  I've included some sample pages so that you can see more of my pieces. 

The books are manufactured by to your own design using their template and you can order just one or multiples.  I think this is a great idea for creative people who are a little shy about showing their work.  It isn't too difficult to show a range of designs to prospective customers, galleries or stockists by carrying the book around.  It might even work for small groups of like minded people to share a book.

I've also included some sample pages of some of my aluminium collections that I haven't previously featured on my blog.

This collection is called Lemon Drizzle Cake and is available currently from

This collection is called Bamboo Jungle and is mostly available from my website If you take a look at the site and can't see the piece you're looking for let me know - I might still have it.

This is the Purple Rain collection and some pieces can be found at

If anyone would like to take a closer look at the full preview of my book or even buy a copy (?!?) it can be found at If you'd also like to see my husband's artwork, his books can be found under David Muddyman at and

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you and all of my SlickSilver Jewellery customers and friends old and new a really happy, peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Clocks, Cuffs and Penguins' Feet!

Hi everyone - sorry for going AWOL last week - life seems to have somehow overtaken me mentally and physically in the last little while so I hope I'm forgiven!

In my last blog I told you about the Flameworks Art2Go exhibition at Royal William Yard, Plymouth.  Last Friday I turned up for my day long stint as a steward and worked with lovely ceramicist Sarah McCormack in the morning and jeweller Peter Reeves in the afternoon.  The exhibition looks stylish and the work available to purchase is of the highest quality and diversity.  We were, however, colder than penguins' feet by the end of the day in the old stone building!

I did approach my display cabinet with fear and trepidation when I arrived to see if I'd sold anything and yes, I'd had 2 sales.  There was great excitement late morning when we sold one of Sarah's quirky and cheeky-looking ceramic clocks to a really nice couple. To contact Sarah visit

Clock by Sarah McCormack

The afternoon wore on and just before closing we had a bit of a rush and a young man came in and asked to buy one of my twisted cuffs so it was my turn to be excited!

Frosty Morning Twisted Cuff

Working alongside Peter Reeves was a really good experience and we shared our feelings about how we both like to work, with his jewellery being very different to mine, but beautiful and contemporary. I particularly liked his square silver bangle. To contact Peter visit

The exhibition ends on Saturday so make sure you get down there to snap up any last minute special presents or you could just treat yourself!!
For further information visit  Make sure you take a look in my display cabinet too!

It has felt like a very busy time lately, despatching orders for Christmas, being involved with the exhibition, birthdays (mine and my son's) and life changing plans for the day job and so I've found myself mentally and physically tired and not as creative as I'd like to be, but I'm back on it now!!

See you next week!