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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Paris, Eyeballs and Courses!

Hello everyone I'm back at the helm!

We've had a wonderful time, visiting my lifelong friends in the Charente region of France, eating far too much fabulous food, making chocolate and then spending an other wonderful week in Paris (eating lovely food and too much chocolate - you've probably got a good picture of me now!!).  We've people-watched whilst sitting at cafes, seen a fleet of tiny dogs in pink tracksuits, seen a happy motorbike riding terrier, seen some eye-popping parking and looked at some amazing art in shop galleries - in all, Paris as we like it.  We've done the touristy stuff before, so this time we hunted out areas not previously visited and found some gems.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont looking towards the Sacre Coeur

I found plenty to inspire me and I will be trying out some new ideas very soon.  I was intrigued by a shop I found that sold absolute weirdness - no other way to put it! You could buy dolls arms and legs of all sizes and eyes of all sizes, old and tattered scrapbook pieces and all kinds of other strange and wonderful things.  I had several items in my hands to buy, but then common sense took over as I contemplated what I could actually do with them! I'm sure that customs would have questioned a suitcase full of eyeballs!

This week represents a week of change for me.  This is my last week at my day job of 17 years.  It would be my dream to sustain myself by making jewellery, but I'm not sure yet if that can happen - anyone want to help me make it happen?  I'm hoping to start teaching some small classes on a variety of subjects.  I have a workshop in mind for card makers and scrapbookers, who I know are always looking for different ways to embellish what they do.  I'd also like to teach some jewellery making for people who want a change from beading, something that can be done with the most basic toolkit (even tools they might find in dad's or OH's sheds!!). I hope to make the courses accessible by visiting groups in their own premises, ie at home for a small group or meeting place (guides, Women's Institutes, etc.), but obviously I can only travel in a relatively small radius of where I live.
So, all change in the SlickSilver household!

Watch this space folks!!