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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Clocks, Cuffs and Penguins' Feet!

Hi everyone - sorry for going AWOL last week - life seems to have somehow overtaken me mentally and physically in the last little while so I hope I'm forgiven!

In my last blog I told you about the Flameworks Art2Go exhibition at Royal William Yard, Plymouth.  Last Friday I turned up for my day long stint as a steward and worked with lovely ceramicist Sarah McCormack in the morning and jeweller Peter Reeves in the afternoon.  The exhibition looks stylish and the work available to purchase is of the highest quality and diversity.  We were, however, colder than penguins' feet by the end of the day in the old stone building!

I did approach my display cabinet with fear and trepidation when I arrived to see if I'd sold anything and yes, I'd had 2 sales.  There was great excitement late morning when we sold one of Sarah's quirky and cheeky-looking ceramic clocks to a really nice couple. To contact Sarah visit

Clock by Sarah McCormack

The afternoon wore on and just before closing we had a bit of a rush and a young man came in and asked to buy one of my twisted cuffs so it was my turn to be excited!

Frosty Morning Twisted Cuff

Working alongside Peter Reeves was a really good experience and we shared our feelings about how we both like to work, with his jewellery being very different to mine, but beautiful and contemporary. I particularly liked his square silver bangle. To contact Peter visit

The exhibition ends on Saturday so make sure you get down there to snap up any last minute special presents or you could just treat yourself!!
For further information visit  Make sure you take a look in my display cabinet too!

It has felt like a very busy time lately, despatching orders for Christmas, being involved with the exhibition, birthdays (mine and my son's) and life changing plans for the day job and so I've found myself mentally and physically tired and not as creative as I'd like to be, but I'm back on it now!!

See you next week!